By Marc S. Sanders

Michael LiCastri writes and directs The Best Laid Plans, a film shot on location in Tampa, Florida and available on Amazon Prime –

LiCastri also headlines the cast as Kevin. When Kevin’s parents are threatened to be evicted following losing their jobs, he recruits Allen and John (David Plowden, Keith Surplus) to carry out ridiculous schemes to get the money he needs fast. Naturally, the first thing to come to mind is to become a pimp.

A winning sequence has the boys do a little research to play their new roles. A trip to Ybor City has them observe a toughie pushing around one of his girls (Yvelisse Cedrez in a ditzy scene stealing role). The moment discourages them from following through with the plan.

Next up, how about kidnapping Tommy (Brian Ballance) a former friend who has won the lottery. Ballance plays the role smart with biting sarcasm and wit that becomes a challenge for the trio.

Bridging this comedy together is a lot of small talk inside dialogue like references to Buffy, and Dancing With The Stars, and an analogous reference to Jessica Alba and what she could do if she gets caught. As well, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a dick shaped bruise on a character’s thigh. Watch the film to understand why it’s featured. The efforts in making the film is reminiscent of Kevin Smith’s early films like Clerks and Mallrats.

The schemes of our three main heroes are absurd and it lends to the comedy. The dialogue doesn’t necessarily flow naturally though. It’s a little too stilted to appreciate. The delivery needs work.

Objections aside, LiCastri and his crew must not stop with their filmmaking efforts. The script for The Best Laid Plans has the seeds of something fun, but LiCastri’s script comes off like a first draft. It needs a second set of eyes to make it grittier or maybe sillier. Something to make it more outrageous in one direction or another.

It’s a good, short film, even if there’s a better interpretation waiting to present itself.