Meet Marc

It was at age 5 that a Cinephile was discovered.

The year was 1977, Mrs. Garcia, a babysitter by trade, escorted young Marc Scott to the Odeon Theatre in Ridgewood, New Jersey, on occasional afternoons where the novice experienced the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Bo “The Bandit” Darville and Coach Morris Buttermaker.

Later that year, fear and suspense were uncovered during an impromptu midnight viewing of an attempted murder committed by a large hulk of a man known only as “Jaws” upon a respectable Englishman who carried an identity number known as 007. The assassin bared his steel teeth. Immediately, Marc’s protective mother shielded his eyes from impending terror.

The need to see, watch and watch again these displays of mayhem, swashbuckle, hilarity and horror intrigued Marc during his upbringing. He would never look away. His eyes would never be shielded again. Byproducts of filmmaking became a part of his soul. His curiosity and urge to watch has only gotten stronger, as he still tries to fathom the meaning behind character Jeff Slater’s declaration in the year 1982. It’s always gnawed at Marc when Jeff declared “…I’ve decided to rewrite the necktie scene without the necktie.”